Posted by: rdkpickle | 07.24.2012

mathematical art

Back in March I got bored and started a tumblr. I’ve been posting things that interest me (outer space and brains and music and D.C. and bugs and the ocean) but I have primarily been using it to collect mathematical art and ideas. Some of my favorite tumblrs with a mathematical bent include Geometry Daily, mr. div, peano, triangle triangle, and modern math. I find it incredibly calming to browse their pages – my own digital museum of modern art.

Here’s my tumblr:

I’ve also completed a few mathematical art projects of my own in the past couple of months that I thought I would share.

Spring break: constructing the Platonic solids by cutting, folding, and taping nets.

platonic solids

My sister Lindsey created these awesome mathematical magnets for me. (They now live on my fridge at my new apartment.)

mathematical magnets

A quick sketch on a summer day – I used a compass and shaded with pencil.

sum of its parts

Bowman taught us how to make hyperbolic paraboloids and stellated polyhedra at #tmc12.

hyperbolic paraboloids

Yesterday I made a larger stellated icosahedron using 30 Sonobe units.

stellated icosahedron

…and I made a little tiny octahedron from the scraps. He’s surrounded by lucky stars made from strips of origami paper.

starry night

I’m working on making the 270 Sonobe unit ball. It’s a good summer project to keep me occupied while I get caught up on seasons of good TV (Breaking Bad, The Wire, and Mad Men.)


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