Posted by: rdkpickle | 10.01.2012

some things that might happen

You might leave a couple of students in your classroom during your planning period while you go print something, and return to find your desk in another location and two smug looking students working on Precalculus like nothing at all has happened in your absence.


On occasion, your Algebra 2 Trig Honors class might walk into your room in a particularly goofy mood and get all kinds of distracted seeking your permission to dress Gary (class pet, pictured below) up for Halloween.


If you’re lucky, you might get a gift from a student who was a gift of a student. You’ll reflect on how much she has grown from sophomore to senior year and hope that maybe you played some small role in that.


Every day, you will arrive by 6:45, throw yourself into the tornado of gradingplanningcopying, have some big moments and some small ones. You’ll get frustrated and feel behind, you’ll wonder if you’re doing anything unique or important at all. You’ll forget what it’s like to go to the bathroom or eat when you want to, you’ll drink too much coffee and dance around the classroom and laugh at your goofy hilarious students. You’ll find it harder to work with the adults in the building than the kids (on occasion), you’ll drown in emails, you’ll learn to speak a foreign language (“check whipple hill” “it’s on the wiki” “tomorrow is a d day so we’ll have town meeting after blue period”) You’ll stay late and think about your students all evening and everything you read or watch will make you think about teaching.

You’ll probably hate it, but you’ll probably love it too. Good luck.



  1. 🙂

  2. Wow, you blog late for someone who is at work by 6:45 AM everyday!

    I love: “a gift from a student who was a gift of a student.” What a great expression.

    I hope you got to enjoy going to the restroom and eating on your own schedule over the summer. But if you’re still wondering…yes, you do unique and important work!

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