Posted by: rdkpickle | 03.30.2013


From Mike Caulfield’s blog – Thoughts on To Save Everything, Click Here

What Morozov demonstrates brilliantly is not only are we are often solving problems with inappropriate solutions, but in our rush to find solutions for these problems we are short-circuiting debate on what the problems actually are, and addressing things as problems that might in fact be features or compromises that make the  system work.

This thought stuck in my brain, and is still stuck.

Sometimes I listen to everyone talking talking talking about change/”innovation” and ache for us to take a moment to slow down and understand what it is we’re already doing. If we don’t truly know ourselves now, how do we know what needs to change? How do we know what effects change will have?

There is plenty of tension that lies in the middle of competing aims for our schools. More of one thing often means less of another. Our priorities (as teachers and school leaders trying to challenge, nurture, and transform students) should not be shifting according to the relative shininess of new ideas, but should instead be determined through honest assessment of where we are, where we want to be, and the gap between the two.



  1. Oh my goodness girl, PREACH. Education has been the way it is for CENTURIES for a reason, and there’s often something to be said for doing a problem with pencil and paper rather than visualizing it on your latest iWhatever. I couldn’t be more progressive, but where my education is concerned, I’m indebted to the system that’s been in place throughout my schooling.

  2. Cannot agree with you more! Before we move on, find our areas of weakness and repair them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  3. here

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