Posted by: rdkpickle | 07.15.2013

rhee in tennessee

Presented without comment, with your choice of excuses: a) it is summer b) I should be filling out new hire paperwork but c) I recently got addicted to the show “Parenthood” (first 4 seasons on Netflix.) No doubt I will be back in the blogging mood once #tmc13 rolls around.

Michelle Rhee in Tennessee: StudentsFirst Floods School Races

Choice quotes:

“It’s disconcerting, and troubling,” says Fitzhugh’s colleague Joe Pitts, who sits on the House education committee but did not receive any money from Rhee. “It seems like everybody’s got an idea and they find Tennessee very fertile ground.”

“Whatever your initial intentions are, whatever your initial ideals were, once your measurements are how many legislators you control and how many laws were passed, you are nothing but a political movement,” says Mark North, the former Nashville school board member. “You are not an education movement. And when you get there, so that your only success, like a street gang, is what corner you control, you run the risk of losing your soul and losing your focus. It becomes about elections and politics, instead of schoolchildren.”



  1. Mr. HalfFull and I love watching Parenthood. It was such a short season and long hiatus that we are really looking forward to the new fall season. Currently, we are watching Mad Men from the start (now on Season 3 of 6 on Netflix).

    Will any of Michelle Rhee’s kids be in your school?

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