Posted by: rdkpickle | 08.02.2013

makin’ tmc trend, like

Well. I live in Tennessee now. (!!!) I spent the last two days in a county-wide new teacher “induction” and today getting to know colleagues at my school. School starts next Friday. *record scratch* Wait, what?!? School starts next Friday?

Very quickly, then, between unpacking boxes and unpacking standards.

Twitter Math Camp ’13, for me, mirrored my experiences on twitter this year – more about receiving support and drawing energy from an enthusiastic group of talented math teachers than about seeking out specific activities/ideas or challenging myself to contribute my own resources. I don’t mean that I didn’t learn a ton or grow professionally, just that I am so mentally between things right now that the biggest value of the four days spent in Philly was the caffeine jolt of energy from old and new friends to launch me into a new year at a new school with new courses.

I do regret not spending more time getting to know people I was meeting in person for the first time – Ashli, Michelle, Tina, Dan, Nathan, Justin, Heather, and a whole host of others come to mind. I’m not giving myself too hard of a time about it because, to quote Annie, “you have to take care of yourself first or you are not useful to anyone else.” On the other hand, I’m thankful I got to spend more time this year in my morning sessions around James, Jami, and of course Lisa – who caught me mid-panic attack in the middle of a presentation about live binders and convinced me everything was going to be just fine. Like last year, songwriting with Sean, David, Julie, Kate, and (this year) Greg was a highlight.


There’s a part of me that felt like I was in twitter jealousy camp even while at #tmc13 – it’s hard not to be awed by all of the amazing and unique members of our community. Thanks for your ideas, blogs, lesson plans, conversation, support, and friendship. See you in 2014. In the meantime, you know where to find me.



  1. “There’s a part of me that felt like I was in twitter jealousy camp even while at #tmc3.” I sooooo know that. I’d be in one amazing session, but missing out on another. Or at one enjoyable dinner with friends, missing another. Too much greatness all in one place. Glad we got to spend more time together this year.

  2. Thanks for posting!

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