Posted by: rdkpickle | 08.09.2013

i was born here and raised here

This is not going to be a post about math.

(Consider yourself duly warned.)

Today was my first day of class at my new (old?) school. I was all energy and nerves and there were still some kinks in my day, but I made my debut. I got to meet the 100+ humans who will be sharing their time and brains and struggles and successes with me over the next 176 school days. I have one million and one things to do this weekend to be ready for next week, but for this week, today was the finish line.

I’ve already had some funny moments, I’ve had moments of self-doubt, and I’ve felt some of the good and difficult ways that coming back home will impact my work here. It’s really strange and wonderful the way my family and I are woven into this community – there are colleagues who (like me) graduated from this high school, colleagues who remember my mom volunteering at the school, colleagues who taught me or one of my three younger sisters, and I even got to see my mentors from student teaching at the district meetings earlier this week. There are students at the school whose parents are friends with my mom, students whose older siblings were friends with my younger siblings, and at least one student who remembers my name from when I student taught her older brother (class of 2013) back when he was in seventh grade at the middle school down the street.

The anxiety level in the school building and whole pace of life is just so markedly different – nobody takes themselves too seriously, but everyone just does their job (and does it well.) No big deal.

All week, I have been overwhelmed with the kindness of my friends, family, and new colleagues as I make this transition. I’m happy and at peace. Thanks for welcoming me home.



  1. I’m so very happy for you Rachel! I wish you continued peace and happiness this year. It sounds like such a good move for you. Much love, Me.

  2. I agree with “I Speak Math.” I’m glad you found it as welcoming as we’d all hoped.

  3. It’s wonderful that you are enjoying the new pace of life and close community! Best wishes for a successful year.

  4. Rachel; I know how you feel! Last year was my first year at the school I went to as a student; it was pretty odd because a lot felt the same and a lot felt different – though it was nice not having to learn my way around, I hope your year is as good as mine was!

  5. How cool that you get that close-knit community and history! Good luck with the beginning of the school year!

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