Posted by: rdkpickle | 02.06.2014

six months in.

Don’t give up on me just yet!

This year has been a million different things. Challenging, impossible, exhausting… to name a few. And while I’ve just been busy trying to make it through each day with very little time for reflection, I know that once I’ve survived this year I will have 100000 things to say. Being in a new environment with different pressures, norms, resources, and students has given so much to chew on and so many opportunities to grow.

So, watch this space. I’ll be back. 

In the meantime, I’ll be celebrating small successes like:

  • fantastic “what if” student questions as we delve into factoring in Algebra 1… and proud exclamations of “this is easy!” after we tackled some (tough!) factoring problems
  • a surprise visit from “important people” on a day showcasing my 1st period’s ability to help each other as they worked through trig problems together on the whiteboards
  • a student who worked his tail off to master exponent rules and adding/subtracting/multiplying polynomials, then aced the test
  • casual conversations about what teaching might look like when I’m 65 (brought on by an offhand comment in class about how I’m destined to be a basket-case unhip out-of-touch teacher… one day)
  • excitement to the point of cheers after verifying a particularly tough trig identity on the board
  • a student telling me she loves my class because she finally feels like she understands WHY things work and not just “how to do it”
  • feeling comfortable in my teaching skin again

Yeah. Feeling comfortable in my teaching skin again.

There’s still plenty that’s hard. Plenty of ways I’m coming up short. But I’m back to waking up excited about what I get to do each day. And if you know where I was in the fall, that’s HUGE.

So once I make it through this year alive, you can expect several novel-length ruminations on: class size (guess what, it matters!), standardized testing pressures, schedule differences, engaging learners in classes where the spread in ability level is massive, teacher burnout, technology, what I wish high school math classes could look like if I ran the world, collaboration, how to better support new teachers in their first year, new routines I’ve developed, grading, …

See ya soon. Thanks for all your love this year.



  1. Cannot wait to read all about it! ❤

  2. “…how I’m destined to be a basket-case unhip out-of-touch teacher…”
    Hum, I don’t see that happening!

    I’m so glad you’re excited to teach again. And I love how you’re always thinking about process improvement and growth. Your kids are so lucky to have you.

  3. Excited to hear about it! Glad you are loving your job once again!

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