Posted by: rdkpickle | 02.16.2015

ode to the b-hall copier

your arrival was greatly anticipated:
in the math workroom, we cleared out books for you
had to rewire the electricity
(still can’t use the microwave at the same time)

every day, i arrive around 6:15, coffee and papers in hand:
you’re there, waiting
sometimes i’m first to turn the lights on – i wake you up
occasionally a colleague beats me to greeting you and
you’re warm to the touch

last year, in your absence:
i faced a long walk to the front office, jockeying for the 2 used and abused older models
often finding a line of grumpy teachers, no sympathy for the newbie to the school
who was running on coffee fumes and far too few hours of sleep
(they’d be copying exam reviews at 6:45 in september)

a-hall prospects were never much better
unjamming every third sheet of paper while
cookie store smells wafted in

my mornings begin just doors down the b-hall with you, calmly copied onto
reams of paper – white, pink, yellow, blue
your happy hum accompanies my own
(didn’t even know i needed you)
our enduring love runs 1 to 2 sided, stapled and punched


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