Posted by: rdkpickle | 10.08.2015

looping loops

“The newspapers, even some in France, said it was the marvel of the age; better than the Eiffel tower – and it was a Ferris wheel.

That almost mundane sensation we have now of looking down from above and moving through space, up and out and down and around again, no one had ever felt those things before, and of course now we can’t really feel those things again. We’ve gone around too many times. We’ve looped too many loops.”

High Above Lake Michigan – The Memory Palace

There’s something profound here about rhythm and routine vs. the novel and once remarkable. There’s a transition from terrifying and thrilling to comfort and confidence. I have a few more loops to loops, but I’m getting closer.

(We listened to this episode in Precalculus this week: working on circular motion, angles, linear and angular velocity, etc.)

Turns out other folks have been thinking about loop-de-loops lately:

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