Posted by: rdkpickle | 06.07.2018

looking back + charging ahead

I sit on the precipice of summer break — today was my final day of meetings before what will hopefully be both an adventurous and restorative several weeks away from the classroom. Year 3 at Marin Academy and in California was full of so many highlights, both personal and professional. It was a year in which I experienced relative stability (no new preps or major life changes) and was able to get more settled into the routine and rhythm of the work here, while also realizing that I must seek out new challenges to remain propelled towards growth going forward. This week I’ve had to say farewell to beloved colleagues, friends, and administrators, while also taking the first steps into my new role as math department chair. What a strange time – busy, busy, busy, and then the great spaciousness of summer.

I didn’t blog much (read: at all) this year, but earlier today I found myself flipping through photos from the year and felt compelled to post at least a small glimpse of some of the highlights from the 2017-2018 school year in this space. Here’s hoping that the coming weeks allow me time to process and incorporate my learnings from the year that has ended as well as space to tend to my renewed sense of purpose as I prepare for the coming school year and all that’s ahead.


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