Posted by: rdkpickle | 02.01.2019

inspiring me, lately.

I’m inspired by students (several) who found an innovative and ingenious way to approach a problem on a recent quiz. They are so used to being stretched that it feels maybe a bit natural to them that on problem #1, they’d need to do something they hadn’t done before and just move right on.

I’m inspired (and humbled) by colleagues who are well-read, thoughtful, and brilliant – unafraid to take a risk, challenge an idea, propose something new.

I’m inspired by the lengthening days, the light on my walk to work and the light that squints through the office window in the mornings.

I’m reading you, and you, and you, and not reading enough, and forgiving myself for not reading enough because I am making time for myself in the spaces between things and I’m just forgiving myself in general.

Anticipating a quiet Friday morning, a packed day, rain.


  1. Hey Rachel! Why aren’t you blogging anymore. I used to quite enjoy the quirky math ones.. 🙂

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