Posted by: rdkpickle | 08.15.2020

learnings – dept chair yr 1

[this was in my drafts from a year ago, i found it and decided to hit publish.]

i hated how much doubt i felt this year, but i feel grateful to know that most leaders feel a hell of a lot more self-doubt than they let on.

healthy teams don’t appear magically and avoiding conflict isn’t a sign that a team is functioning well. healthy teams disagree in a way that doesn’t feel personal – it’s about trust.

feeling seen = specificity, observational, details, not vague praise. “you’re doing a great job” is easy to reject but i notice the way you __ and naming the impact is meaningful.

i feel a renewed sense of purpose about my goals as a teacher/our work as a school – helping students develop as humans and young adults, especially against a rising tide of pressure to be overly academically/goal/outcome-focused

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